We're very stoked to announce that our very good friend and experienced chiropractor, Dr James Roughan, is joining Connect on MONDAY 20TH JULY.

Matt, Alex and James became very good friends during their studies in Auckland, and graduated together in the same class at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

Growing up in Christchurch amongst a family of chiropractors, James has been surrounded by chiropractic care and learning about chiropractic from a young age. The philosophy of chiropractic and natural health has always been a way of life.

James has a beautiful wife, two gorgeous girls and a little baby boy on the way. This has played a very important role in James' exceptional proficiency seeing children and pregnant women. James is a big sports fan with a long history of playing competitive rugby, gridiron and representing New Zealand in AFL.

Since the conception of CONNECT, James has loved what we're doing and can't wait to continue the great things we are facilitating for our practice members and community.

This is a great thing for Christchurch

Make him welcome next time you're in at Connect!!!