We have organised a business meeting for Christchurch Central and East Businesses to focus on how we as local businesses can make significant impact in our community.
It will be held at the Mt Pleasant Community Centre on Monday 7th October at 7:30pm

People are more and more conscious about who they give their business. Businesses will certainly benefit from being part of a community of businesses where people know that when they spend money, a portion of it will be going back into the local community and organisations.

The vision is to have a community of businesses all making small, sustainable contributions to our local community.

One of our guest speaker’s will be James Tapper from Benefaction - he will talk about the positive opportunities for businesses by doing good in your community.

We will also have present a few local community organisations and leaders to further communicate how big an impact we can make and how we can help them. 
Margaret Jeffries from Project Lyttelton
Michael Reynolds from Roimata Food Commons

Dr Matt and Lisa Mead from Social Currency Investments will discuss why we’ve done what we have, what our experiences and observations have been thus far and how naturally supporting the community has resulted in great reciprocal support in return. 
Hopefully this will give everyone plenty of ideas. We will also be very happy to answer any questions people may have.
If you are a business owner, manager, or simply passionate about your community, COME ALONG!!!

Coastal Christchurch is primed for Social Impact & Change