Dr Alex has put together something for us all to do during rainy days and our forced isolation

A quick, effective, spinal care workout great for improving overall function, flexibility and stability for your spine, pelvic floor and core.

15- 20 Min
Equipment: Timer
Key points: Breath, Lengthening of spine, Engagement of pelvic floor

Starter: Spinal stretch 5 breaths
1. 10 x Cat-Cow
2. 10 x Flow Cat-Cow
3. 10 x per side, lateral side bends
4. 10 x per side, all fours tiger curl
5. 10 x Push up release to spinal extension (Cobra pose)
6. 1 MIN extended child’s pose
7. 10 x half moon stretch on knees
8. 1 MIN each side Low lunge
9. 10 x per side happy baby rocks
10. 10 x glute bridges with pelvic floor engagement
11. 10 x per side easy spinal twist with pelvic floor engagement

Finisher: Spinal stretch 5-10 breaths.


This session has a gentle focus on spinal mobility. We use our breath and the movement of our spine to enhance the movement of our cerebral spinal fluid. The cerebral spinal fluid nourishes our brain and is moved around the spinal cord and brain by the movement of our spine and the respiratory wave; by us simply breathing.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing) has a positive effect on our autonomic part of our nervous system, taking us away from a sympathetic state; known as the fight flight response to a parasympathetic state or commonly known as rest-and-digest response.

So if youre feeling worked up or stressed a gentle workout like this can help shift the body response to a more calm state.